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Every woman wants to look and feel sexy. That’s partly down to natural beauty and sex appeal, but it also has a lot to do with how you present your sexiness.

Every woman wants to look and feel sexy. That’s partly down to natural beauty and sex appeal, but it also has a lot to do with how you present your sexiness. Here at G World, you will find a wide range of sexy lingerie to make you look and feel good and excite both your and your partner. We have lingerie to suit all sexy women, whether it is the ultra revealing X818 Chastity Heart Panty or the D937 Enticing Leopard & Stocking.

Look and Feel Sexy!

Ens. 3 pices G WORLD Intimates D967 3pc Sexy Bachelorette Dress Ens. 4 pices G WORLD Intimates D943 Luscious Babydoll Black Ens. 2 pices G WORLD Intimates L953 Sexy Boyfriend & Stockings Srawberlicious Ens. 2 pices G WORLD Intimates B809 Gorgeous Criss Cross & Stockings Pink

Whether you are just starting out on the dating scene, have just started seeing someone, or want to spice up a long term relationship, you want to make sure you are as sexy as possible. It’s not just about the sexy dress you wear on your date, but what you wear underneath. If you know that what’s underneath the dress is even sexier, you will feel more confident and desirable, and that will come across to the person you are with.

Make Undressing More Fun!

There’s more to sex than just quickly ripping each others clothes off and revealing your naked bodies. It should be a slow, sensual and exciting process. When you are wearing a G World Intimates garment underneath your dress, your partner will find undressing you an exciting experience. Nothing excites a man more than a beautiful woman presented perfectly in sexy lingerie.
G World Intimates

The G World Intimates brand is made up of six different ranges of lingerie:
• 2-piece set
• 3-piece set
• 4-piece set
• Body
• G-String set
• Nightie

Which style is best for you? Well, that’s entirely up to you. Everyone is different, so every woman will have their own style which best suits their looks and individual sex appeal. It also depends on just how revealing you want your garment to be, as some are much more revealing than others!

2-Piece Set
If you take a look at the 2-piece sets, you will see just how much variation there is in this one category. For example, if you want a garment that is extremely revealing, take a look at the X818 Chastity Heart Panty. Alternatively, if you want to hide yourself just a little bit more, the B231 Hot Floral Strappy Teddy is worth a look. For something between the two, you might like the B809 Gorgeous Criss Cross & Stockings. 2-piece set G WORLD Intimates B958 Luxurious Teddy Black

3-Piece Set

Again, there is a lot of variety within the 3-piece sets. For an ultra revealing 3-piece garment, the X901 Sensual Straps is a great choice. Alternatively, if you want to cover yourself up a bit more, the D963 Sexy Bachelorette Mini Dress is a good one to go for. What if you want something a bit more long and flowing? Take a look at the D916 Coup de Foudre Dress White.  3-piece set G WORLD Intimates D957 Coup de Foudre Mini Dress Red

4-Piece Set

If you are looking for something a bit more elaborate, take a look at our 4-piece sets, which add something a bit extra. There are currently only two items in this range, but in this case it is about quality rather than quantity. The D948 Exhilarating Babydoll Leopard Pink is a lovely purple garment with pretty bows, and the D943 Luscious Babydoll Black is a wonderful black garment with pink bows.  4-piece set G WORLD Intimates D948 Exhilarating Babydoll Leopard Pink


If you are looking for an all-in-one garment, there are a number of items to choose from in this category, with quite a lot of variety between them. Many of these garments are still very revealing though, such as the X814 Revealing Hearts or the B974 Extravaganza Purplelicious. If you want something a bit more modest, the closest you’ll get to that is probably the B959 Sex Appealing, but even that is still rather revealing.  Body G WORLD Intimates B955 Ultimate Sexy Hot Pink

G-String Set

Although there are currently only three garments to choose from in the G-string set, they are all very different. The D931 Obsession Mini Dress, made from 88% polyamide and 12% spandex, is a lovely criss-cross design with suspenders. The D937 Enticing Leopard & Stocking has a semi-see-through mid section and stockings. Last but not least, the D922 Passionate Bows is great for women who want to show off their sexy toned abdomen. G-String set G WORLD Intimates D931 Obsession Mini Dress


There are two lovely garments in the Nightie range. Again, if you want something extremely revealing, the D982 Flirty Intention Pink will show off your sexy boobs. If you want to hide yourself a bit more, the D930 Obsession will cover you up a bit more and has a nice flowing dress section. Nightie G WORLD Intimates D930 Obsession

Lingerie, Spark with love at Gworld.pro

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Sexy garments should not be forgotten, especially when the woman would like to make a real statement about her womanhood. Gworld.pro offers you an appealing selection of lingerie that provides the sheer comfort with sophisticated style, having the spark woman always wanted to give a perfect confidence on a perfect evening. With exciting collection that marks your shape and curves, giving your erotic feeling while emphasizing your ultimate desire of sexiness. It includes g-string set, costume, catsuit and a lot more. Bringing the best lingerie to become a better at Gworld.pro, you have question contact or email us for more details. Visit our website and enjoy your online shopping.
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New Lingerie Pieces That Flatter Your Figure From G World Intimates

G World Intimates

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Be fun, flirty and creative with intamate lingerie that knows the woman and submits to her desires. With G World Intimates. you have striking 2 and 3 piece lingerie sets with matching bra and panties, garter belts and even matching pantyhose. The sexy mixture of thongs and pretty pink lace and tulle with the soft addition of bows are a perfect rendition of lingerie for this time of year.

Red is a strong color and very sexy in a babydoll or nightie. Two piece boyshorts in lace in black and pink are cute and flirty- not to mention, comfortable for day or night wear. G World intamates has so much to offer with tantalizing lingerie that put the imagination back in your love life. It's time to play- with G World lingerie!

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